And for my next trick…

So I suppose this is another thing to add to my “stuff”.  A Blog.  Supermom indeed.

Since realizing that I was going to try to get pregnant, I’ve embarked on a journey to learn how to make stuff.

It started with crocheting.  Last Christmas (2009 that is), I went to Walmart and bought some yarn and crochet hooks, looked up Granny squares on You Tube… and several days later was on my way to my first little baby afghan.  (it’s still unfinished in my knitting basket btw. but boy it’s pretty)

I picked up crocheting later again in the fall when I made some little hats.  Also from You Tube tutorials.  When crocheting hats became a little boring (and took way too long) I bought myself a knitting loom.  Wow, I went from 3-4 days for one hat to 1 hour!  much better.  But what to do with all these teeny tiny hats?

Now that my little Pixiebug has arrived,  I’ve taken up Scrapbooking (how else to commemorate baby’s first spit up along with many other memorable moments?), baking, painting with acrylics, cooking balanced meals, sewing, and finally: Blogging!

I have a pile of other materials for making all sorts of other things that I will undoubtedly haul out of the garage at some point this year (stained glass, beads, to name a few).  Some things I’d love to learn are pottery and woodworking.  I wonder if my EI budget allows for buying a jigsaw…. hmmmm.

My next few blog entries will not be in “real time” but rather a bit of a catch-up on what I’ve been doing for the past two months.

I hope that you will enjoy reading about my successes and follies through making stuff.

What new things have you been trying lately?


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  1. Supermom, indeed!


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