Backtracking: Crochet

So as I mentioned, my first try at making stuff was with crochet just over a year ago.  I fell down during a scene change during Miss Saigon and rendered myself incapacitated for two weeks.  I had to sit on the couch all day – how boring!

What I’ll do now is tell you how I learned to crochet rather than how to crochet.  Many people more talented than myself know how to crochet and can tell you all about it if you follow my simple steps.

First I got all the necessities.  This is the fun part of making stuff… but the most painful.  I went to Michaels.  Now I love Michaels, but I would suggest starting at Walmart since much of the same stuff can be found there for much cheaper.  The other problem with Michaels is that there are too many distractions.  My favourite most dangerous stores are (in this order)

-Home Depot



A trip to any of these three will usually require some tightening of the purse strings for several days after. However, I find that much of what I need can be found at good ol’ Walmart.

I digress… back to crochet supplies.  When I set out, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted or what I was going to make, I just needed inspiration.  At Michaels I found a set of crochet needles, and I bought a little pamphlet on crochet for beginners (useless by the way… the internet has it all)  Then I chose some yarn.  I chose some baby colours in a nice soft polyester: two shades of blue, a green and a yellow.

I looked at the pamphlet when I got home and played with some of the little projects in it.  For me, starting with the end in mind was important.  When I decided I was going to do a granny square project, I first looked up “granny squares” on YouTube.  Then, when I realized the video made assumptions about the stitches I already knew, I had to YouTube search each of those stitches.  For example:

The first step in making a granny square is to “chain three”.  Right away I stopped the video and searched “crochet chain beginner” and got this video.

still unfinished

I went back to the granny square video.  The next step says you need to double crochet.  So guess what I did? You are so smart!  Yes, I YouTube searched “how to double croche

t beginner”.  Go ahead, try it!  Right now.  I’ll wait here.

So you can see how after some searching and trying, it is not only possible, but quite easy to teach yourself to crochet on the internet.  Even if you’re more of a reader than a watcher, there are plenty of “How to’s” written out, or in pictures.

You’ll see that my beautiful afghan is not done.  I got this much done in my two weeks of sofa convalescence.  Then I sort of gave up.  I’m sure eventually I’ll pick it up again.  Some day.

There’s only one way to spell ADD.


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