over night backtracking: belly cast

Pixiebug is sleeping and what am I doing?  catching up on a year’s worth of blogging about making stuff.  Good for me eh?

Well, as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted a belly cast.  I’d wander dreamily through those expensive baby boutiques, eyeing up all the gear and crap I could never afford, and never possibly need.  The belly casting kits would catch my eye and I wondered: do I really need a 50$ kit?  Surely I could DImYself.

Sure I could!  At about 25 weeks I decided that I needed to do it sooner rather than later.  My belly was growing more and more out of control.  If I’d waited much longer the cast would have taken up my entire nursery.

Off I went to Michaels.  I found a 10$ package of stuff that looks like it’s for making a cast (you know, when you break your leg…)  I looked down at my belly and grabbed two packages and off I went.

Now, I have to stop to mention here that BD was not impressed at my idea.  This is the man who thought this ultrasound photo was too personal to put on Facebook. (and perhaps out of spite, here I am posting it again >:)   You can only imagine then, how keen he was to help me wrap my naked torso in plaster casting to preserve for eternity… or however long these things last.

He loves me, so he helped anyway.

It took about an hour… that’s about 30 minutes to lay the stuff down on me and another 30 minutes of sitting perfectly still while it hardened (that was the hardest part… ITCHY, DRIPPY, HOT)

When it was finished I had some extra bits around the edges to smooth down, cut off and build up.

Then I got to paint!

Pixiebug’s room had inadvertently become “bug themed” (dragonflies, caterpillars, butterflies, ladybugs…etc) so I decided to go with it on my belly cast too.  I added a few “jewels” for extra glitz.  Finally, I sprayed a good coat of shiny glossy stuff all over it.  I’m sure that stuff has a name too – but remembering details like that is not my strong suit.

And there it hangs on the wall of the nursery.

belly cast

Pixiebug at home

I imagine some day Pix will take it down and wear it around in some silly dress-up game. Fair enough.   Here she is at a week old, hanging out and pining for the old homestead.

I strongly suggest that if/when you become pregnant (again?) you make a cast… it doesn’t even have to have boobs.  You certainly don’t have to hang it on a wall… or in a blog for all to see.  But it’s a tactile memento of a moment in time.  I’m sure glad I did it.


One response to this post.

  1. I wish I had done that, I have casts of my face at various ages, and several casts on the girl childs head and shoulders. but no belly casts.


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