backtracking: making a nursery

This is the room I had to work with.  I wanted to build a nursery for a little girl.  Now orange is my favourite colour, and actually, our bedroom will become this colour (or close to it) one day very soon.  However, it didn’t scream “baby girl” to me.  I couldn’t imagine calmly rocking a baby to sleep while staring at these walls.  It had to go.  Even my dad knew that.

I had recently re-done my master bedroom in my rental house and the colour was beautiful.  It was called asparagus.  No matter what, I had to use asparagus.

I toyed with the idea of having 3 green walls and a brown one, or two and two… and then I moved away from brown and thought about yellow.  Finally I settled on a curvy two tone line of cream and green.  I will admit that when thinking of colours I did take some inspiration from trips to Babies R Us and the colours that are popular recently in crib bedding.

BD thought I was crazy.  Walls, of course should be all one colour, and a room should be all one colour.  I showed him.  (wait’ll Pixibug and I paint a mural in there in a few years… THEN he’ll see)

Then there was the question of how to make a nice curve.  I watch my share of HGTV, and so I knew we could tape the line.

I bought some Eric Carl stickers to put on the walls from the UK.

After that, I just had to stain all the border wood, which luckily was a beautiful natural wood and not the pressboard white moulding.  I chose a dark colour close to the colour of the crib I found on Kijiji.

I had help with the high up painting and the taping as you can see. This is my friend Madame M who hates having her photo taken.

In the end, I had a cute little room that only needed to be filled with a tiny Pixiebug.

I need to mention here that soon after Pix came home from the hospital, I had to make some changes.  For example: all the books – useless at the moment.  I installed a change table on the top of the dresser and replaced the books with diapering and bathing essentials.  The table beside the crib holds bottles for late night feedings, saline for nasal stuffiness, a nasal aspirator for the same, and a humidifier (which looks like a frog, so: cute and functional)  I also had to buy a crib mobile.  I had thought at first that this was a useless purchase, but now see how important it really is.

Eventually, when “we” are sleeping longer periods of time I will take out the daybed I have in there, and move the rocker in.  For now, it’s a little crowded since Pix and I are roommates.


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