too sick for a real project

I have a cold.  Pixibug has a cold too.  It has made making stuff (including food) quite a chore today.

Having said that, I did take a moment after Pix drifted off to sleep to make a little squishy ball for her.

Super simple:

Took some scrap fabric (it all has to be the same kind – I used quilting cotton) cut pieces into long football shapes – six of them.  Sewed them together. Turned it inside out and stuffed it with polyester stuffing.

I was not very methodical about it.  I just eyeballed the pieces and hoped for the best which made the ball a little messy.  However, if you wanted to do this yourself and correctly think of it this way:

The “football” shaped fabric has to be 3x as long as it is wide.  Logic: one piece of fabric is 1/2 the circumferance in length.   the ball will be 6 pieces wide in circumferance ie: 3 pieces wide for 1/2 the circumferance.  Therefore fabric length = 3x fabric width. (mathy math math)

Here’s how it turned out:


2 responses to this post.

  1. You are just too crafty for your own good! I envy your time management, I have none :).


    • LOL thanks, but I cut out the pieces of this little number while I was pumping. It only took 10 minutes to sew together. What I do with the rest of the day? – I have no idea! (plus, what the heck would I do if I had TWINS???!!!)


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