Well now I’m one of “those” moms…

I’ve taken up scrapbooking which means no photo or shred of coloured paper is safe.  What mom doesn’t scrapbook?  Really, I was under the impression that child protective services might be paying me a visit if I didn’t start a scrapbook.

Actually, for Christmas I decided to give each of my parents a scrapbook page frame.  Each month I will create a new page for them to put in the frame with recent photos of Pixibug.  By next December they’ll each have a scrapbook with a page for each month to watch her grow!  How clever am I, eh?

So this week, while Grampy is taking care of the Pix, I will be busily making pages to send home with him.  I’ll print the photos off each month and send them by post.  Apparently, you can send paper items (as well as other items) to people across the country. I know! Real postal mail!  Amazing!

There are a bazillion pages about scrapbooking.  I’m not going to explain how I did it.  Well ok, I will tell you how.

a) choose fancy paper for background

b) cut or tear up other fancy papers that match or compliment each other

c) put photos on

d) add other little decorations

How easy is that!?


3 responses to this post.

  1. I really need to start scrapbooking…it looks super fun. But now I’m overwhelmed because I didn’t start earlier and now I have 2 babes to catch up on!


    • No! don’t give up! Just chose and print the photos you love and start. Even one or two pages would be good. I really believe that many people try to scrapbook everything and it’s too much. Just a few of your favourite shots would be perfect… You’ll never regret doing it. But you may regret not doing it 🙂
      The only real problem is price. But you don’t need to buy all the expensive stuff.


  2. I’m still in Russia… in the year 2000. I started scrapbooking after I lived in Paris for a summer in 1998. It took me until 2001 to finish scrapbooking that trip! Then I started on my 2000 Scandinavia & Russia trip, which I am sooooo close to finishing (only a day or 2 to go). Next to go is my wedding album. Then I can start on the boys. I have all the supplies, just none of the time!!! Kudos to you for finding so much time with a new baby!


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