Needle Felting – Part 2: Experimenting

I went to this amazing store in Okotoks called Shuttleworks.  They sell EVERYTHING fibre artsy.

I got myself a few felting needles.  They are very sharp and have barbs in them that push fibres from the outside of the thing you’re poking to the inside of the thing you’re poking.  That’s how a mess of wool can turn into a nice little ball.

I tried 2D felting first on some of the recycled bottles felt I had.

I made this as an experimental piece. I chose the name lily because it's so pretty.

I like it a lot… you can blend colours together quite nicely.  Just from this little experiment I can tell there are endless possibilities.

Also, hanging from the bottom butterfly part I made a felt bead and strung it with some regular beads.  it looks pretty neat together.

Then I gave 3D felting a try.  I started with a little sheep (from the video in my last post)

I’ve now done two sheep that almost look more like dogs.  I have a little more work to do with faces and details.

I’m also starting a mobile of bugs for Pixiebug’s room.  I’ve started with a caterpillar.


I can’t wait to try more things… I’m thinking 2D wall hanging…


6 responses to this post.

  1. Nice! lookin pretty good


  2. Hey Al, check out this blog, and flicker. It is my friend Shari, she is a basket maker, and felt artist. She has some neat stuff


    • oooh, so cute! I actually made a rabbit yesterday. Not nearly the detail – but maybe I’ll steal the clothing idea. I’m just writing up my post now. (is it stealing to be inspired by someone else’s work?). I’ll be sure to include a link to her if I add clothing. 🙂


  3. I love needle felting – once I start it up I cannot stop! Love your blog (Heather – from Winter Babies)


    • Yup. Got a big mess of craft stuff around the house. a certain “someone” is always asking me to clean up and I have to say “But I never know what I want to work on next!” 🙂


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