More felt sculpture and cupcakes

I saw this amazing video of a woman making a bunny in fast motion (I think it was photos in stop motion, actually).  So, I made my own.  I’m all about stealing ideas, which I like to call “being inspired by other people’s work”.

I also made some cupcakes again today.  I really need to stop baking. I can make 2 dozen cupcakes and somehow they are gone in 2 days.  There is really no excuse for this since we are only 2 people in the house.  The cupcakes are the same as ones I did earlier from allrecipes.  I added chocolate chips and I put some Kahlua in with the milk to make up the 1 cup of milk… also, the icing is just butter, icing sugar and Kahlua.  Delicious.  (the cupcakes caved in before I even took them out of the oven.  They were not undercooked… I think the alcohol did something bad to the batter.  I’ll leave it out next time and just do the icing.)


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  1. The bunny is so awesome!!


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