Backtrack: Stained Glass

Right, well I’ve been so busy not trying anything new that I thought I’d share with you a project I tried a couple years ago:

Stained Glass.

Glass is one of my favourite mediums.  I wish I could melt it and blend it and blow it and cut it and grind it… well, I started off with cutting and grinding.

on the right is the one I made in class, on the left: made at home

I actually took a Saturday afternoon course for this one.  I figured I could mess around with teaching myself but this is one of those things you don’t want to screw up.

a) because the materials are waaay to expensive to buy for a one-off experimentation. and

b) because those tools and materials can also be a little dangerous.

At my course they took me through basic foiling techniques.  I loved it!  So I went and bought the stuff… well, not everything.  I don’t have a grinder which means I’ll never be able to make anything super-fancy.

This, I find,is my problem with everything I get into… I start out great and then hit a wall.  That wall is made with ADD bricks but the mortar is: I-don’t-have-the-money-to-invest-in-order-to-get-good-at-this.

Here are a few of my pieces:


a mushroom-inspired piece (not ingested)

Christmas tree ornaments

my favourite creation... I'd like to make a bunch more of these



Babydaddy trying his hand

BD's star aspiring to great things


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