Pysanky! aka: Ukranian Easter Eggs (part 1)

Vegreville Alberta

This is a photo of a Pysankyegg.  I did NOT make it.  I’m going to try to make one similar to this over the next few days.  It will be significantly smaller.

My social life is a little busy (I have one event to attend) and so it won’t happen all at once.

You’ll get to follow in a real-time digital version of my experimentation.  Enjoy!

Part 1

wax on

I was wandering through Michaels, as you do,  I noticed all these cheap easter egg decorating kits. I want to play with eggs but do something spectacular.  I remember in the deep recesses of my mind back to my childhood, I think it was my aunt, Curly Sue, who did Pysanky while I watched in fascination.  So, I decided then and there (in Michaels, remember?) that I would try it myself.  I asked the lady behind the counter for India Ink and any dyes she might have… she directed me to the t-shirt dye and henna tattoo kits. Hm.

So I went to the Office and Art Supplies section (yes, these two things are in the same row) where I found black India Ink.  I figured I’d try food colouring to start.

Ha!  I was pretty sure that my candle wax and paintbrush weren’t going to do the trick, but it would be fun to try, no?

So I painted an egg – yes, a brown egg… hey, it saves one layer of dye – with some wax from this little candle.  It sucked.  It was really hard to do, and believe it or not, wax does not paint on well with cheap paintbrushes.  Who Knew!?

Well, I knew… but tried it anyway. I like to test run things with cheap supplies before doing the real thing – or spending the money on the expensive supplies.

oooooh, pretty! LOL

So I painted on the wax with a cheap children’s paintbrush.  Then I soaked it in reddish orange dye, and then painted it with more wax and soaked it in India Ink.

I have a feeling I’ll be trying to eat this egg tomorrow. (can you eat eggs that have soaked in ink? because if not, you should probably comment before I hurt myself)

Oh, and PS: I’ve found a store that sells the real Pysanky supplies… I’m sure that will work much better.  Stay tuned for the “real” thing, possibly tomorrow.


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