Pysanky Part 3: doin’ it!

putting the wax on the egg with the kistka

So I got my kit yesterday and today after cleaning up the sewing machines, the wool and felt, the scrapbooking stuff, the paints, and the knitting I got my Pysanky on.  It was part of a deal I had to make with BD because the house is starting to look… well, like I’m in the middle of 20 different projects.

I decided to do my first one with a brown egg.  However, after dunking it in vinegar for 5 minutes (which I presume was too long) the brown came off and the egg remained a weird beige colour and very chalky/eggshelly.  I suppose the dye sticks better that way though.

Then I had to re-draw my design.  I made up my own design so it’s not at all traditional Ukrainian by any stretch.  Then I got to melt the beeswax. I love the smell of beeswax.  It reminds me of nice things.

The wax goes into the tiny barrel of the kistka. then it drains out the tip onto your egg.

Of course, wherever the wax goes, the dye doesn’t.  Then you dye the egg the lightest colour and do more wax wherever you want that colour to stay. and so on.  I don’t explain it nearly as well as these people do.  In fact, they have some cool designs that I may try next.

ugly before wax off

After all the wax is on, and all the dying is done (black is usually the last step) it looks pretty ugly.  Then magic happens when you remove all the wax – all the colours magically come out and it’s beautiful!

This first one is just two colours – mostly because I haven’t bought jars to make more dye.  It turned out pretty neat, if I do say so myself.  Can’t wait to do some more…  tomorrow.

All done!


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