Pysanky Gallery: Work in Progress

I’m going to post my beautiful creations here so this post will be updated as I add new eggs.

Hopefully there will be a progression of Great to Amazingly Greatest eggs … we’ll see.


All done!

2nd try

3rd try

Mayan side 1

Ozzy Kangaroo



3 responses to this post.

  1. Very nice!


  2. These are great! I’ve been itching to try some pysanky making too, I just went to a little workshop here in San Diego. Ordered my kit today, so we’ll see what I can come up with here in the next few weeks. Great job!

    Oh, I stumbled upon your blog when searching for where to find pysanky supplies online. Thanks google!


    • Thanks for stopping in! The Ukranian church has workshops now and then. I think it would be really interesting to go check one out.
      I was reading your movie reviews… agreed on all fronts except Black Swan. I enjoyed it – though didn’t consider it high art LOL. I thought Natalie Portman was great but agree on the Wynona comment. She was horrible… and doesn’t play old enough to pull off the over the hill dancer. Hopefully you’ll post your eggs once you’ve given them a try!


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