Pysanky Part 4: World Themes

So I was at the Zoo yesterday with Pixiebug and my friend Veronica and her BabyGoop.  We were having coffee and I noticed the beautiful African themed Batik hanging there.

“Boy, that looks a lot like Pysanky” I thought to myself.

Then, it occured to me – Pysanky is egg Batik!

I loved the African theme, and started thinking of all the batik I’d seen in my travels.

“I bet I could do eggs with different themes from around the world” I said to Veronica.

“Wouldn’t that be really hard?” said she.

“I don’t know ’till I try it!” and so I began with what I know best: HOME.

Over the next few days I’ll add to my Pysanky Gallery when I add a new design.  For today, I’ll share with you my Can-eh-dia design.

Can-eh-dia side 1

Can-eh-dia side 2

Can-eh-dia trim detail


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  1. Posted by Judith Tompkins on March 19, 2011 at 8:23 am

    You probably don’t remember that I took a workshop at the craft school years ago and did Ukrainian style egg painting. I still have three of my eggs somewhere. It is very labor intensive, but fun. Your egg looks wonderful!


    • Thanks! I don’t remember that! I also don’t remember the eggs- dis you see the others in my gallery? I’m looking for ideas on what part of the world to do next. S. America, Africa, Australia, Egypt maybe…? Other ideas appreciated.

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