Pysanky World Tour:Southern Hemisphere

Ozzy turtle

On my quest to do eggs with world themes, I’ve added Australian and Mayan designs to my repertoire.

I did a little research on designs from both places and delved deep into my memory of each place.  I got colour schemes and design elements from both.

My Australian egg is devided into what is called a saddle which is best described by saying it’s just like how the stitches on a baseball go.  It allowed me to have 4 teardrop shaped bubbles to put pictures in.  I used a turtle, kangaroo, lizard, and platypus with aboriginal style elements (mostly little dots all over the place).

The Mayan one is colourful.  I thought of all the textiles that are for sale in the markets – and of the cool reptile designs I’d seen when I was living in Colombia.  Also, I looked up some Mayan symbols and have included the ones for bird and “rain god”. Not because of what they symbolized, but because they were pretty and quite similar to one another… it gave me some design symmetry.

Here are a bunch of photos – since there’s so much detail on each egg:

Mayan side 1

Mayan side 2






Ozzy lizard

Ozzy platypus

Ozzy Kangaroo







PS: My next trick will be an attempt at paper tole. I’ll let you  know how it goes!


3 responses to this post.

  1. these are beautiful Alison! I love all of the detail, and am smitten with the Mayan themed egg.


  2. I love your eggs…I haven’t done these in years. I am debating going out to get supplies to start again! I love your theme as well! When do you do these during your day….naptime/bedtime for babe??



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