A quick monkey

So today, I started and finished a little project completely unrelated to anything else I’ve done.  It was SOOOOOOOO fun.

First, I have to give credit where it is due.  My mommy friend makes them and sells them here.  She makes them all cute and stuff.  Not sure if I’ll ever get the nerve to try that.  She’s very good.

The full instructions are here.  It was really easy.  I’m going to have to make two more so that when Pix and I go for our photo shoot with Baby Goop and Princess Girly in a couple of weeks we can use them as props.

Monkey doing yoga

Anyway, I went to Zellers and spent about 10$ on some clearance socks (4 pairs), a bag of buttons and some chocolate easter eggs (the malt kind).  This is enough to make 4 monkeys and have 200 buttons left over.  The easter eggs are not entirely necessary to the completion of the project… OH, but it makes me think that maybe I could make a sock bunny!  what an idea!  Anyway, maybe next week.

Monkey in Jungle

So here is the result of my first monkey. (I think my trip to the zoo this afternoon inspired me)


4 responses to this post.

  1. Totally awesome!! I love the super long limbs…knee socks?


  2. I guess they must have been. I just hit the clearance rack at Zellers. Two pairs I bought turned out to be tights. LOL – I’ll use em anyway.


  3. LOVE THESE – so cute! I wish I had a sewing machine… or could sew!


  4. […] April 13, 2011 by mommydoescrafts in Uncategorized. Leave a Comment I may have mentioned before that I am working on a bunch of different critters including bunnies, owls and […]


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