Making some watercolours

Ok, so Mommy has become Senora now that I have gone back to work as a teacher.  I have an idea for a Christmas Craft and want to use watercolours.  NOW, I know that most schools have paint “pucks” somewhere… and a whole load of tempera paints.  Well, I found the tempera… but no sign of any colourful little pucks.

As you may know by now, I’m brilliant.  So I figured someone MUST have figured out how to make watercolours by now and it’s probably online.

I found it.  And here it is!

I found everything right in my pantry… except I didn’t have the light corn syrup, I had the golden stuff… which made my paints a little tan-ish before the food colouring was added.

I  happened to have neon and regular food colourings… they seemed to mix up very dark at first but then got lighter as time went on.  I had to mix it all a few times because the powdery corn starch settled to the bottom.

You can use them wet or dry, but it takes awhile for them to dry. Like overnight not a week.

Now, I just need to try painting with them and see how they work!


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