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I’ve been really slacking on my blog.  But that doesn’t mean mommy isn’t making stuff.

Babydaddy had surgery a week ago – So, I’ve been doing quite a bit more around here than usual.  But I’ve still found time to make a whole bunch of sock animals… mostly monkeys.  I’ll be having photos taken with Princess Girly and Baby Goop soon and we’ll have matching monkeys for some of the shots probably.  Also, I tried a bunny… it was ok, but a prototype.  The next will be for Baby Goop and it will be pink.  I hope it turns out better than the first one.  I am currently making a sock dog – I run out of steam on some of these little projects and so I hope to get them all finished eventually. Pictures to follow.

TONIGHT however, I made a 10 minute Owl.  Why is it called that?  WELL… because that’s how long it took me.  Really, I wonder about you people sometimes.  Anyway  I love him.  He was so easy.  Here he is in all his miniature glory.  I got the instructions here and then they were clarified a bit more here.

So with all these critters coming about my BD finally put the big question to me:  “What are you going to do with all this stuff once you’ve made it?”  (Hm., “where is this question going? and where did it come from suddenly?”, I wondered as I waded through my sock menagerie)

Well… that’s a very good question.  It was then I decided I needed a contest of some sort so that I could give away my little beauties as prizes!  (Read: unload my junk on other people in the guise of rewards)   I’m still working out the logistics.  You must understand that these beautiful crafts are often one of a kind… but also not professional quality.  My photos are usually of their “good sides” if you know what I mean.  But still, I feel like sharing the joy – and keeping BD happy by not having a house full of home made goodies.

I don’t know… what do you think?


A quick monkey

So today, I started and finished a little project completely unrelated to anything else I’ve done.  It was SOOOOOOOO fun.

First, I have to give credit where it is due.  My mommy friend makes them and sells them here.  She makes them all cute and stuff.  Not sure if I’ll ever get the nerve to try that.  She’s very good.

The full instructions are here.  It was really easy.  I’m going to have to make two more so that when Pix and I go for our photo shoot with Baby Goop and Princess Girly in a couple of weeks we can use them as props.

Monkey doing yoga

Anyway, I went to Zellers and spent about 10$ on some clearance socks (4 pairs), a bag of buttons and some chocolate easter eggs (the malt kind).  This is enough to make 4 monkeys and have 200 buttons left over.  The easter eggs are not entirely necessary to the completion of the project… OH, but it makes me think that maybe I could make a sock bunny!  what an idea!  Anyway, maybe next week.

Monkey in Jungle

So here is the result of my first monkey. (I think my trip to the zoo this afternoon inspired me)

Pysanky Part 4: World Themes

So I was at the Zoo yesterday with Pixiebug and my friend Veronica and her BabyGoop.  We were having coffee and I noticed the beautiful African themed Batik hanging there.

“Boy, that looks a lot like Pysanky” I thought to myself.

Then, it occured to me – Pysanky is egg Batik!

I loved the African theme, and started thinking of all the batik I’d seen in my travels.

“I bet I could do eggs with different themes from around the world” I said to Veronica.

“Wouldn’t that be really hard?” said she.

“I don’t know ’till I try it!” and so I began with what I know best: HOME.

Over the next few days I’ll add to my Pysanky Gallery when I add a new design.  For today, I’ll share with you my Can-eh-dia design.

Can-eh-dia side 1

Can-eh-dia side 2

Can-eh-dia trim detail

Backtrack: Stained Glass

Right, well I’ve been so busy not trying anything new that I thought I’d share with you a project I tried a couple years ago:

Stained Glass.

Glass is one of my favourite mediums.  I wish I could melt it and blend it and blow it and cut it and grind it… well, I started off with cutting and grinding.

on the right is the one I made in class, on the left: made at home

I actually took a Saturday afternoon course for this one.  I figured I could mess around with teaching myself but this is one of those things you don’t want to screw up.

a) because the materials are waaay to expensive to buy for a one-off experimentation. and

b) because those tools and materials can also be a little dangerous.

At my course they took me through basic foiling techniques.  I loved it!  So I went and bought the stuff… well, not everything.  I don’t have a grinder which means I’ll never be able to make anything super-fancy.

This, I find,is my problem with everything I get into… I start out great and then hit a wall.  That wall is made with ADD bricks but the mortar is: I-don’t-have-the-money-to-invest-in-order-to-get-good-at-this.

Here are a few of my pieces:


a mushroom-inspired piece (not ingested)

Christmas tree ornaments

my favourite creation... I'd like to make a bunch more of these



Babydaddy trying his hand

BD's star aspiring to great things

over night backtracking: belly cast

Pixiebug is sleeping and what am I doing?  catching up on a year’s worth of blogging about making stuff.  Good for me eh?

Well, as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted a belly cast.  I’d wander dreamily through those expensive baby boutiques, eyeing up all the gear and crap I could never afford, and never possibly need.  The belly casting kits would catch my eye and I wondered: do I really need a 50$ kit?  Surely I could DImYself.

Sure I could!  At about 25 weeks I decided that I needed to do it sooner rather than later.  My belly was growing more and more out of control.  If I’d waited much longer the cast would have taken up my entire nursery.

Off I went to Michaels.  I found a 10$ package of stuff that looks like it’s for making a cast (you know, when you break your leg…)  I looked down at my belly and grabbed two packages and off I went.

Now, I have to stop to mention here that BD was not impressed at my idea.  This is the man who thought this ultrasound photo was too personal to put on Facebook. (and perhaps out of spite, here I am posting it again >:)   You can only imagine then, how keen he was to help me wrap my naked torso in plaster casting to preserve for eternity… or however long these things last.

He loves me, so he helped anyway.

It took about an hour… that’s about 30 minutes to lay the stuff down on me and another 30 minutes of sitting perfectly still while it hardened (that was the hardest part… ITCHY, DRIPPY, HOT)

When it was finished I had some extra bits around the edges to smooth down, cut off and build up.

Then I got to paint!

Pixiebug’s room had inadvertently become “bug themed” (dragonflies, caterpillars, butterflies, ladybugs…etc) so I decided to go with it on my belly cast too.  I added a few “jewels” for extra glitz.  Finally, I sprayed a good coat of shiny glossy stuff all over it.  I’m sure that stuff has a name too – but remembering details like that is not my strong suit.

And there it hangs on the wall of the nursery.

belly cast

Pixiebug at home

I imagine some day Pix will take it down and wear it around in some silly dress-up game. Fair enough.   Here she is at a week old, hanging out and pining for the old homestead.

I strongly suggest that if/when you become pregnant (again?) you make a cast… it doesn’t even have to have boobs.  You certainly don’t have to hang it on a wall… or in a blog for all to see.  But it’s a tactile memento of a moment in time.  I’m sure glad I did it.

And for my next trick…

So I suppose this is another thing to add to my “stuff”.  A Blog.  Supermom indeed.

Since realizing that I was going to try to get pregnant, I’ve embarked on a journey to learn how to make stuff.

It started with crocheting.  Last Christmas (2009 that is), I went to Walmart and bought some yarn and crochet hooks, looked up Granny squares on You Tube… and several days later was on my way to my first little baby afghan.  (it’s still unfinished in my knitting basket btw. but boy it’s pretty)

I picked up crocheting later again in the fall when I made some little hats.  Also from You Tube tutorials.  When crocheting hats became a little boring (and took way too long) I bought myself a knitting loom.  Wow, I went from 3-4 days for one hat to 1 hour!  much better.  But what to do with all these teeny tiny hats?

Now that my little Pixiebug has arrived,  I’ve taken up Scrapbooking (how else to commemorate baby’s first spit up along with many other memorable moments?), baking, painting with acrylics, cooking balanced meals, sewing, and finally: Blogging!

I have a pile of other materials for making all sorts of other things that I will undoubtedly haul out of the garage at some point this year (stained glass, beads, to name a few).  Some things I’d love to learn are pottery and woodworking.  I wonder if my EI budget allows for buying a jigsaw…. hmmmm.

My next few blog entries will not be in “real time” but rather a bit of a catch-up on what I’ve been doing for the past two months.

I hope that you will enjoy reading about my successes and follies through making stuff.

What new things have you been trying lately?