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gift bags

Inspired by Madame M’s beautiful gift bag this Christmas, I have decided to cut down on my own Xmas waste by making some “forever” bags of my own.

The thought did cross my mind that Pixibug may some day wonder why Santa has all the same bags as we do, but that is a bridge to be crossed at a much later date.

It’s pretty simple, really.  I went to Fabricland and bought a bunch of fabric on sale.  Cut it up into different shapes and sizes.

I started by making a casing for the rope:




Then I sewed up the side(s) depending on how I folded the fabric.

Here’s the only mildly difficult part.  I wanted to make the bottom of the bag flat so I could fit more in it properly… here’s what I did:

cut off the excess

don't sew all the way to the corners... leave a bit of space on either side, then fold like so

sew accross like this



This is what it looks like on the bottom when you’re done:

lots of room for filling it up!

Finally, I feed through the rope for the top.  There are all kinds of ways to finish these ropes.  I considered using big wooden beads… but decided on just knots.  I glued the knot with craft glue (E-6000) just to keep it from slipping.  Then I frayed the rope to make it look a bit like tassels.

Finally, I had some nice bags that I can now use instead of all that paper and tape!  — who am I kidding?  I love paper and tape, we’ll still use a bit of that too, but there will be a considerable cut-back on Xmas wrap in our recycle bin next year. 🙂

pretty though, aren't they?



I’ve been really slacking on my blog.  But that doesn’t mean mommy isn’t making stuff.

Babydaddy had surgery a week ago – So, I’ve been doing quite a bit more around here than usual.  But I’ve still found time to make a whole bunch of sock animals… mostly monkeys.  I’ll be having photos taken with Princess Girly and Baby Goop soon and we’ll have matching monkeys for some of the shots probably.  Also, I tried a bunny… it was ok, but a prototype.  The next will be for Baby Goop and it will be pink.  I hope it turns out better than the first one.  I am currently making a sock dog – I run out of steam on some of these little projects and so I hope to get them all finished eventually. Pictures to follow.

TONIGHT however, I made a 10 minute Owl.  Why is it called that?  WELL… because that’s how long it took me.  Really, I wonder about you people sometimes.  Anyway  I love him.  He was so easy.  Here he is in all his miniature glory.  I got the instructions here and then they were clarified a bit more here.

So with all these critters coming about my BD finally put the big question to me:  “What are you going to do with all this stuff once you’ve made it?”  (Hm., “where is this question going? and where did it come from suddenly?”, I wondered as I waded through my sock menagerie)

Well… that’s a very good question.  It was then I decided I needed a contest of some sort so that I could give away my little beauties as prizes!  (Read: unload my junk on other people in the guise of rewards)   I’m still working out the logistics.  You must understand that these beautiful crafts are often one of a kind… but also not professional quality.  My photos are usually of their “good sides” if you know what I mean.  But still, I feel like sharing the joy – and keeping BD happy by not having a house full of home made goodies.

I don’t know… what do you think?

A quick monkey

So today, I started and finished a little project completely unrelated to anything else I’ve done.  It was SOOOOOOOO fun.

First, I have to give credit where it is due.  My mommy friend makes them and sells them here.  She makes them all cute and stuff.  Not sure if I’ll ever get the nerve to try that.  She’s very good.

The full instructions are here.  It was really easy.  I’m going to have to make two more so that when Pix and I go for our photo shoot with Baby Goop and Princess Girly in a couple of weeks we can use them as props.

Monkey doing yoga

Anyway, I went to Zellers and spent about 10$ on some clearance socks (4 pairs), a bag of buttons and some chocolate easter eggs (the malt kind).  This is enough to make 4 monkeys and have 200 buttons left over.  The easter eggs are not entirely necessary to the completion of the project… OH, but it makes me think that maybe I could make a sock bunny!  what an idea!  Anyway, maybe next week.

Monkey in Jungle

So here is the result of my first monkey. (I think my trip to the zoo this afternoon inspired me)

too sick for a real project

I have a cold.  Pixibug has a cold too.  It has made making stuff (including food) quite a chore today.

Having said that, I did take a moment after Pix drifted off to sleep to make a little squishy ball for her.

Super simple:

Took some scrap fabric (it all has to be the same kind – I used quilting cotton) cut pieces into long football shapes – six of them.  Sewed them together. Turned it inside out and stuffed it with polyester stuffing.

I was not very methodical about it.  I just eyeballed the pieces and hoped for the best which made the ball a little messy.  However, if you wanted to do this yourself and correctly think of it this way:

The “football” shaped fabric has to be 3x as long as it is wide.  Logic: one piece of fabric is 1/2 the circumferance in length.   the ball will be 6 pieces wide in circumferance ie: 3 pieces wide for 1/2 the circumferance.  Therefore fabric length = 3x fabric width. (mathy math math)

Here’s how it turned out:


It’s not a verb, it’s a material made of what used to be plastic bottles.  And it’s my new favourite thing to sew with.

When I’m not ironing it on to baby clothes, I make toys with it.

I bought the felt at Fabricland but you can get it anywhere… I’m guessing it would be cheaper at Walmart for a big ol’ bag of it, but I got it for 79cents/sheet and it’s recycled so there.

The first thing I made was a set of soft baby blocks.  They turned out really nicely. I got the idea from one of my favourite websites. You can see the detailed instructions there if you like.

Essentially, I just cut out the squares and fit them together in what we math folks like to call a cube “net”.  It’s easy.  My grade 2 students can figure it out. 🙂

Before sewing it together though, I appliqued felt numbers, letters, and pictures on each square. 

The instructions say to sew it, but I felt lazy and used the fusible web stuff to iron the pieces together.  I should have sewn it as some of the letters are peeling a bit.  I don’t think fusible web is meant for felt on felt.

No worries though, I’ll sew them on with some embroidery floss before Pixibug is big enough to enjoy playing with them.  Don’t want her swallowing that little felt cat!

I stuffed them with some of the thousand plastic bags I have in the house. They make a satisfying crinkly sound.  After the first one, I put other sounds in the last three.  One block has a couple jingly bells in it. Another block has a small pill bottle with rice in it.  The last block has a small pill bottle with pennies in it.  So they all make a different sound.  Pix will enjoy that, I think.

I also made a dog toy for Bitchy dog.  Her favourite food is carrots.  So, I made her one with a jingle bell inside it.  I like the look of the stitching on the outside… and it’s way easier than trying to stuff it inside out.

You’ll notice that the blocks also have the seams out.  I did that on purpose both for ease of execution and for style.  I may try some blocks with the seams inside at some point.  I’m considering pyramid shaped blocks, or even a soft ball made of felt.  Felt is so fun!  Hey, Mommies need to get their fun wherever they can, right?

My next project will likely be letters and numbers made of felt.