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Making some watercolours

Ok, so Mommy has become Senora now that I have gone back to work as a teacher.  I have an idea for a Christmas Craft and want to use watercolours.  NOW, I know that most schools have paint “pucks” somewhere… and a whole load of tempera paints.  Well, I found the tempera… but no sign of any colourful little pucks.

As you may know by now, I’m brilliant.  So I figured someone MUST have figured out how to make watercolours by now and it’s probably online.

I found it.  And here it is!

I found everything right in my pantry… except I didn’t have the light corn syrup, I had the golden stuff… which made my paints a little tan-ish before the food colouring was added.

I  happened to have neon and regular food colourings… they seemed to mix up very dark at first but then got lighter as time went on.  I had to mix it all a few times because the powdery corn starch settled to the bottom.

You can use them wet or dry, but it takes awhile for them to dry. Like overnight not a week.

Now, I just need to try painting with them and see how they work!


I’m back… and with a Star Wars theme!

Well, I recently returned from a trip to Mexico with my Bug.  While I was there I bought a blank ceramic skull and painted it.  That’s all I needed to get the crafting bug again. 🙂

I have completely stolen today’s Idea from here.  There are some ultra cool ideas here, but this one grabbed me.  So I stole it.

There are a few little details that I have changed – mainly that I used paper towel in a kind of makeshift paper machee style to create my different textures (Chewey’s hair, Vader’s cape and mask…etc.).

Still to come:  C3PO, stormtrooper, Boba-fet


I may have mentioned before that I am working on a bunch of different critters including bunnies, owls and monkeys.

Well here’s a little gallery of some of my sock and felt menagerie.

For our baby photo shoot



I’m not very happy with the bunny… I have to make some changes to the pattern…  I have a request for one on consignment already. 🙂


So while I was at Wal-mart today I was overcome with a strange urge to make baby headbands.  To be honest, I always thought they were a little silly.  Babies have no hair, but people insist on wrapping an elastic around their poor little bald heads anyway.  They are useless and cute – and to me BP (before Pixiebug) useless and cute was not something that ever interested me.

The real reason I thought it would be a good idea for Pix, is because she IS so very bald.  A little androgynous actually, except for the adorable big blue eyes and mile-long eyelashes… oh who am I kidding? Baby boys have those eyes too.  With one of these cute little headbands, she is obviously a SHE.  So a little less useless. (if gender/sex is important – which to my surprise it is: I for some reason get a little miffed when she’s wearing a dress and someone asks if she’s a boy or a girl. I suppose at this age most of her identity is in the boy/girl distinction… sad, but true)

Anyway, here is the result of my 10$ Wal-mart shopping spree and the 1/2 hour I spent watching season 3 of Roswell this afternoon.  On the model:

The fruits of my labours

a little felt break

wool flowers

I went to the Women in Need store and bought a wool jacket.  The lady behind me in line (with pretty blue hair) exclaimed what a beautiful find I had made.  If she only knew what I was about to do to the beautiful wool jacket.

First, I threw it in the washing machine… when it came out Pixiebug could have worn it.  Anyway, I cut it up into pieces I could work with.  And on one of those pieces I made some little flowers out of coloured wool.

Needle felting is fun.

The end.


Pysanky World Tour:Southern Hemisphere

Ozzy turtle

On my quest to do eggs with world themes, I’ve added Australian and Mayan designs to my repertoire.

I did a little research on designs from both places and delved deep into my memory of each place.  I got colour schemes and design elements from both.

My Australian egg is devided into what is called a saddle which is best described by saying it’s just like how the stitches on a baseball go.  It allowed me to have 4 teardrop shaped bubbles to put pictures in.  I used a turtle, kangaroo, lizard, and platypus with aboriginal style elements (mostly little dots all over the place).

The Mayan one is colourful.  I thought of all the textiles that are for sale in the markets – and of the cool reptile designs I’d seen when I was living in Colombia.  Also, I looked up some Mayan symbols and have included the ones for bird and “rain god”. Not because of what they symbolized, but because they were pretty and quite similar to one another… it gave me some design symmetry.

Here are a bunch of photos – since there’s so much detail on each egg:

Mayan side 1

Mayan side 2






Ozzy lizard

Ozzy platypus

Ozzy Kangaroo







PS: My next trick will be an attempt at paper tole. I’ll let you  know how it goes!

Pysanky Gallery: Work in Progress

I’m going to post my beautiful creations here so this post will be updated as I add new eggs.

Hopefully there will be a progression of Great to Amazingly Greatest eggs … we’ll see.


All done!

2nd try

3rd try

Mayan side 1

Ozzy Kangaroo